Central Florida guided fossil & shark tooth hunts   



Fossil Hunting is for FUN

Posted on January 2, 2016 at 1:20 AM

We are all wanting to find bigger and better stuff than last time, or find our FIRST of something...but a great collection is not found in ONE hunt!  LOL

The aim of FOSSIL FUNATICS is to provide a nurturing environment where people want to become ENGAGED in learning. We try to assist other hunters with "hot Spots" for finding good stuff.  We will scoop some good gravel to help fill the sifter  here and there... we will be scouting around for other spots for our guest hunters, taking Pictures to capture the Awesome day... Helping to ID the COOL stuff that is Dug up. We are YOUR guides. We want you to HAVE FUN, and enjoy Nature. The more oftem you dig, the better your chances for finding the BIG ONE!


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