Central Florida guided fossil & shark tooth hunts   




Posted on January 2, 2016 at 1:10 AM

After a nice day on the water, take home everything you brought. Dont let your garbage become MY problem. ENJOY the beautiful foliage and fauna, find many fossils, take lots of pictures,  but leave ONLY your footprints behind.

   We are not CRAZY overboard...but we do OUR best to recycle, reduce consumption, and re-use what we can! We are often involved in Eco-Tours, wher we spend part of out time doing RIVER CLEAN-UP.  It is amazing the ODD things collected from the beds of our waterways....Action figures, Belt Buckles, Pedal car toys, car parts, telephones, paraphanallia, but  WATTER BOTTLES are most common....... AND are a new problem of thlast 5 years... we MUST change our habits, and encourage otehr to do the same!  It OUR world.


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